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Category: Colours & Flags

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More pennants of RAN, AIF and RAAF plus USN, German & NZ



Australian souvenir pennant made for sale to US Servicemen
NZEF Trentham

United States Navy Commissioning pennant. (Commissioning celebrations are held when a ship enters military service for the first time)
2 WW2 German Army pennants. These were probably flown on vehicles of senior officers

2nd NZEF Forces Club


Tonga 1943

2nd NZEF

Tonga 1943


HMNZS Monowai

RNZ Artillery

Fort Dorset

NZ Artillery 1943

64th Heavy Battery

9th Heavy Regiment

HOME GUARD PENNANT Mount Eden Battalion NZ Home Guard

US Navy Mobile Hospital No.4.

WWII Green Felt Unit Pennant from the US Navy’s No.4 Mobile Hospital also known as Fleet Hospital 104. This is from the Pacific War against Japan . The American Navy established itself on the North Island of New Zealand from June 1943 to February 1945.

 This very large US Navy Hospital was part of the American World War Two war effort against the Japanese in the Pacific. It was constructed in June 1943 by the 84th and 55th US Navy Construction Battalions (CB's -Seabees). All US Navy Mobile Hospitals were renamed in June 1944 with number designations being changed to start with one hundred and one – The U.S. Navy Mobile Hospitals in New Zealand were Mobile No. 4 (Fleet Hospital 104) and MOB 6 (FH 106) both in New Zealand. MOB 5 (FH105) and MOB 7 (FH 107) were in New Caledonia; MOB 8 (FH 108) in Guadalcanal; MOB 9 (FH 109) was at Camp Hill Brisbane: MOB 10 (FH110) in the Russell Islands; FH 103, FH 111 and FH 115 in Guam; FH 114 in the Philippines. Because they were mobile hospitals they could also have been located in other areas, for example FH 105 is also recorded in New Zealand, some probably moving to forward areas as the front changed.

A range of NZ naval Unit pennants.


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