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Flags of the enemy

German and Turkish from WW1

German and NAZI from WW2

Nationalist Socialist Democratic Workers Party (NSDWP), Adelaide branch, standing beside a tree wrapped in a Swastika flag on the Gomersal Road, Tanunda.  The photograph is amongst papers confiscated from the party at the outbreak of war in 1939. Many of the members were interned as enemy aliens. (donor Commonwealth Police Force, Attorney-General's Department, Adelaide)

WW2 Italian fascist flag 

 Japanese from WW2 
Typical Japanese battle flag. In the normal custom many messages of support and good wishes have been written on the flag

Japanese naval flag as used on board ships and by Marines during seaborne invasions


JAP battle flag

jap-milne-bay.jpg (28676 bytes)

 << Captured by J Calvert, 2/9 Battalion, while on patrol in the Milne Bay area, Sept 1942.

Flags of enemies since WW2
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Communist China North Korea Nth Vietnamese Army

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